What is available

I am putting links to other sites that I have developed. They are all in this domain iculearn.com but using different open source software such as Wordpress, BuddyPress, ELGG and several other program.

At this time, my focus is on using Wordpress in different ways using different tools. I teach online and use these websites inside my Courseroom by using an iframe tag. It works great!

Example pic

Flickr link goes to my Photostream on Flickr. This has been incorporated in several blogs as well as Facebook. Great tool to use.


Other Blogs


1. http://iculearn.com/wp/

This is the first blog started on this server and host using Wordpress as an open source product and self hosted. I have used this as a repository of RSS information but it has become a bunch of tools, links, and has no one focus. That is why I do not really use this blog. However, it uses the Thesis theme which allows you to develop many different looking types of blogs. It has all sorts of tools that I have used, widgets, etc. that may be worth looking at to get an idea of how a blog can get out of control without a certain focus.


2. http://iculearn.com/grad/

This is one of my new blogs that is very focused. I am taking a graduate Biology course and using this as my personal portfolio only related to this class. There is nothing very interactive on this and it is set up on a free template that I did some modifications to. I am using: Mystique 2.4.2 by digitalnature which allows some modifications in columns and stretching the canvas for reading.
I am posting to this often by using Posterous (http://drcercone.posterous.com/movie-1-genomics)


3. http://iculearn.com/HCC/

This website uses BuddyPress which is an addition to the Wordpress theme. It allows you to develop a social network. I am not using this site right now but think it could be used for the Nursing program or some version like it. It can have different themes added which make it look different. You do not have to have all of the features on here as it is very easy to modify and make what you want. The user who is a member of this site can be put into groups and they can have their own blog, etc. You do not have the ability to give everyone a blog but they can as a group. This site also has a link to my Facebook feed and Flickr.


4. http://iculearn.com/science/

This is the ***most current** blog for my Biology 105 class, Spring 2011 hybrid and F2F classThe theme is pretty straighforward. The site is simple. It is still in the beginning phases of use for my course and once I see how my students see this being used, I will develop more pages based on their feedback. This is a work in progress. I used this site a lot in Fall, 2011 and many students used it. The one problem was the way it links as they could not tell when a new link was added. It needs a way to fix it. I do not think the theme is the best to use. If I use this material, I would like to put it into the ELGG site.


5. http://iculearn.com/blog/


This is another example of a blog that needs major rework. I started it for another school where I teach a fully online science course. They needed some sources and YouTube videos as well as podcasts that I completed and added (I will talk about that in another page). The class is over and I have just let the site go. I can fix it. I like the format and the theme. It is a free theme that allows a ton of options- which I tend to like. I may want to collect the links and put in Diigo . This will link to my Diigo links. I have a widget for Twitter and my Twitter feed at @kcercone.


6. http://iculearn.com/students/

This blog has not been used but is another using BuddyPress and I was going to try this with my students this Spring 2011 semester but decided to go to the site I developed with the Vanilla Forums. This is also using a theme called: BuddyBase Child Theme 1.0.3 by BuddyBoss.com. I like the look and it is clean. I have not added many widgets on it and probably will use this site next semester or with the PTA or Nursing program. I have started to set this up with Groups and allowing the Groups to have different abilities to get together.


7. http://iculearn.com/biograd/

This is based on an open source blog platform called Serendipity. It is not developed well but could be. It is not as extensible as Wordpress as far as I can see. Many of the plug-ins cost money. Themes are the same. Some are free and some cost. Not as flexible or useable as Wordpress.


8. http://iculearn.com/Sharing/

Document Sharing system. Not open to others at this time.

Open Source Blogs: